Virginia church’s sign reads ‘America: Love or leave it’

A church sign in Virginia that reads "America: Love it or leave it" is drawing a lot of attention. (Source: WSET/CNN)

APPOMATTOX, Va. (WSET/CNN/Gray News) - A church sign in Virginia is drawing attention and stirring up controversy. The sign placed in front of Friendship Baptist Church in Appomattox reads “America: Love or leave it.”

Pictures of the sign have been spreading on social media. Church founder and pastor E.W. Lucas told WSET his remarks were intended to be a commentary on politics and he’s received a lot of favorable feedback.

“People that feel hard about our president and want to down the president and down the country and everything. They ought to go over there and live in these other countries for a little while,” said Lucas.

Lucas says he’s been placing messages in front of the church since he established it in 1979.

“Preachers by and large today are afraid they’re going to hurt somebody’s feelings. And when I get into the pulpit, I’m afraid I won’t hurt somebody’s feelings," said Lucas.

President Donald Trump tweeted over the weekend four Democratic congresswomen who oppose his policies should “go back” to their home countries, but three were born in the U.S.

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