Virginia's Cafe fights 33rd and Cornhusker proposal

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Virginia's Cafe has been a staple here in Lincoln since the 70's, but now a proposed project at 33rd and Cornhusker is threatening the future of the business.

"I raised my eight children, they all worked in this restaurant,” said Virginia Kiefer.

It all started with Virginia Kiefer, who bought the building in 1978 and turned it into a staple for people in Lincoln.

Now the thought of losing the cafe is something Virginia says is heartbreaking.

"I’m already upset, as you can tell I am upset over it,” said Kiefer.

It all has to do with updating the 33rd and Cornhusker intersection.

The city's currently looking at four plans, to make drivers safer around the railroad tracks and speed up your commute.

But right now, this is the "preliminary preferred alternative”.

It looks like a fish hook.

It would put a bridge over the Virginia’s Cafe property, forcing it to close.

“Based on the information that we knew at the time, we felt that that one would be in the public's best interest to move forward with,” said RTSD Project Manager, Kris Humphrey.

Currently Virginia’s grandson and his wife own the cafe.

They have been rallying to keep it open, starting with the #savevirginia's and a Facebook post that's reached thousands of people.

The cafe has been passed down for 3 generations and the family all agrees, they want to keep it that way.

"I'd like to give it to one of my kids someday. They're young, we've got some time. But who knows,” said Owner, Mark Von Busch.

"This is where it developed, and this is where it should stay,” said Kiefer.

None of the plans are final, so you still have a chance to weigh in and have your voice heard.

If you want to keep Virginia’s in it's original spot, make sure submit a comment online or go to the City Council Public Hearing this Spring.