Visiting the Madrid General Store

If you are traveling through the community of Madrid, then do yourself a favor and make sure to visit "The General Store" there.

Brad Anderson recently caught up with Tom Kraus to talk about The General Store. "This is basically the backbone of the community," Kraus said. "You can buy all of your basic needs here. It's a God-send for a small community like this," Kraus said.

The General Store has been around for at least 7 years now. It's owned by Sharon Zimmerman and her family. "They decided they needed to do something to get a bigger audience," Kraus said. "So they started baking." Kraus said store operators turn out cinnamon rolls, to breads, to cakes, to frozen pies. "The whole town comes to a standstill when they open the door here, and it airs up the whole community. There is a line out the door to get the cinnamon rolls," Kraus said.

It's not only baked goods that you'll find in the store. You can also find all sorts of cooking supplies and spices. The General Store is a Mennonite store, and there are many sewing supplies. There are also kids educational toys, and kitchen supplies. Be sure to check it out the next time you are in southwest Nebraska.