Voters turnout at highest rate in 16 years for Lincoln general election

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) The 2019 Lincoln General Election saw the highest percentage of people vote in a city election since 2003, according to preliminary election numbers.

Early estimates showed more than 36 percent of registered voters in the city of Lincoln had cast a ballot, either before the election or in person on election day.

More than 61,000 of Lincoln's 168,723 registered voters cast a ballot in the general election, the highest in at least 20 years, according to numbers from the Lancaster County Election Commission. Online records only date back to 1996.

The Lincoln General Election in 2003 posted a turnout of 37.2 percent of registered city voters. The general election four years prior recorded a nearly 39 percent voter turnout rate.

Presidential and midterm elections, held during even-numbered years, have always registered much higher voter participation than city elections.

David Shively, election commissioner of Lancaster county, said election results could be certified by Friday or the following Monday.