Warm weather helps builders get ahead

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - When it comes to the recent warm weather, most of us aren't complaining.

And when it comes to the city and local builders, the mild and dry conditions have helped them get ahead on their projects.

The City's Public Works Department says the warm Winter weather is making it easier for its crews to get out on the roads and fix potholes, but they aren't the only ones.

Typically this time of year, Nebraska is cold and snowy.

But this year, Lincoln builders are pleasantly surprised.

A representative for the Home Builders Association of Lincoln says the weather is helping with construction.

10/11 NOW spoke with a local builder who says he didn't expect to be this far ahead in January.

"It's definitely been a better turn for us,” said Build DCB President, Benjamin Carey.

Carey says this time of year, they are usually limited.

Especially when it comes to the exterior of houses, something they can't typically work on until Spring.

"When we have this warm cycle come, we are able to play catch up, get those things done and you know the exterior is the biggest one. That will really slow down a project,” said Carey.

He says the weather is not only been befitting them.

It's also helping homeowners save.

"It can definitely help save money and costs for a home owner when we don't have to bring in extra things like gas and temp heaters. It just costs a lot more money and it also slows down a project,” said Carey.

Carey says after the cold and wet Fall weather, they didn't expect to be able to catch up this Winter.

But they're ahead of schedule and hope to keep things moving.

"Any time that we can have warm temperatures like this and not have a project slow down or come to a stop it always helps out,” said Carey.