Waverly Council approves liquor license for Shakers

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A gentleman’s club just outside of Lincoln is one step closer to getting a liquor license.

It comes as part of a deal with the owner promising to eventually close his business.

A liquor license for Shakers in Waverly has been proposed multiple times and on Tuesday, the Waverly City Council gave its approval.

It's only the first step but the Waverly City Council voted to allow Shakers to serve alcohol.

"We'll be able to operate for the next four years with a liquor license,” said Owner of Shakers, Dan Robinson.

Last month, the Waverly Planning Commission granted Shakers a "special use permit”, to sell alcohol.

This will go in effect if and when its approved.

But there are some conditions.

"In four years I will close it down, that's the offer that I presented to the City,” said Robinson.

One of the conditions is that by the middle of 2023, a sexually oriented business will no longer exist on that location.

"I have some other business ventures in the next three or four years and I want to go ahead and pursue, and I’ve done this for 24, when we're done here it'll be 28 years and its kind of ran its course and I’ll be ready to move on at that point,” said Robinson.

Other conditions include limited hours allowing it to only be open until 2 A.M.

Also, it has to be re-painted a neutral color by August.

Right now, it's a bright pink barn just off of Highway 6.

"It feels really good, for the last 24 years we've wanted to run a business and get along with everybody,” said Robinson.

As for what's next, it has to be approved by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.

If it is, it would be the only fully nude club in the state with a liquor license.