"We need to be less dependent on China" says Gov. Pete Ricketts.

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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - "We need to be less dependent on China" says Gov. Pete Ricketts.

Gov. Ricketts touting trade accomplishments to UNK students

Last month he led a trade mission to Vietnam and Japan to promote Nebraska's agricultural products and pitch the state as a top destination for international investment. Governor Ricketts has taken four trade missions to Asia in the last five years.

The impacts of international trade on Nebraskans is something Governor Rickets is proud of and he shared his many accomplishments with students and staff Tuesday at UNK.

"Kawasaki had a choice between investing in Nebraska and or New York, because of our relationships and because of our trips to Japan, they made the decision to invest in Lincoln and that was a $12.5 Million investment," said Governor Pete Ricketts (R) Nebraska.

The trips are in part responsible for Japan being our number market for beef export, continued Ricketts, "Our beef exports into Japan was up 11%, $412 Million dollars."

Along with Japan, Vietnam is another strong market for Nebraska with exports up 127%.

Students attending the event couldn't help but be impressed.
"A+, I didn't realize he was going to so many countries and helping so much," said Senior, Clarissa Fitzgerald. "With Indonesia being largely Muslim, showing them we have the beef that you need and we can also provide it in a way that you need it so that it fits in with your religion."

And with the friendly partnership, seeing a multi-cultural campus for such a small town, now makes sense to her..

"I didn't realize he traveled so much and that is one of the reasons we have so many international students, continued Fitzgerald

Nebraska is America's 35th-biggest exporter by state.

In Vietnam our beef exports have tripled. Beef remains Nebraska'a number one export. Soy beans are in the second spot with 6% exported, followed very closely by corn at 5.6%.

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