Wedding ring found in thrift store purse

Published: Oct. 22, 2019 at 7:59 PM CDT
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When you’re thrifting you can often stumble upon hidden gems but for one Lincoln woman her trip to Goodwill uncovered a literal hidden treasure and now she needs your help to find its rightful owner.

University of Nebraska student Mary Morton was just thrifting for a Halloween costume when she stumbled upon a ring tucked inside a purse she bought and she believes it means a lot to someone.

“It was very obvious that it’s been worn a lot and that someone for some reason took it off,” said Morton. “It was precious to someone. I’ve run through a thousand scenarios in my head.”

The purse had a few other clues inside the bag to try to track down its owner.

“I pull out some saline packets, an expired ticket to a show and a quarter,” said Morton. “Then I’m like I feel something down here and it ended up being a wedding ring, a really nice wedding ring.”

That was less than a week ago. Morton says she’s had over a thousand shares on a Facebook post trying to track down its owner but so far no matches.

“There have been some people where it’s like a close match,” said Morton. “Then they’ll find a picture of it or something and send it to me and I have to be like sorry that’s not it.”

The bag was purchased at the Goodwill off 56th Street and Highway 2.

Morton knows the bag was donated late last week and hopes the ring’s owner hasn’t been without it for too long.

“I just wanna get it back to the owner because I know wedding rings are important to people and their families,” said Morton.

For more information you can connect with Morton on her Facebook post.

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Posted by Mary Morton on Friday, October 18, 2019