What was that foul smell in Lincoln?

Published: Jul. 26, 2019 at 11:34 AM CDT
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10/11 NOW heard from dozens of people who reported a foul smell in Lincoln on Thursday afternoon.

Some of the questions and comments included, "What is the cause of the rotten smell in the air all over Lincoln?" "South 27th Walmart was horrible!" and "What is that rotten smell on the southwest end of town here in Lincoln?"

10/11 NOW reached out to the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department who said, simply, they don't know.

The Health Department is aware of the smell and said it was even noticeable at their offices at 31st & O on Thursday. However, the Health Department has not received any official complaints and there are no reports of health effects.

The Health Department is not actively working to determine the source of the smell, but said they would do so if it last longer or affected people's health.