When film crews came to Brown County

A number of movies have been filmed in Nebraska through the years. We remember how part of "O Pioneers!" was filmed in Johnstown.

We recently caught up with Ruth Trobee, who owned the L-Bow Room Saloon in Johnstown. She says she remembers when the film crews came to the community. "I was working at the grocery store in Ainsworth," Trobee said. "We provided all of the fruits, nuts and vegetables for the set of the store in the film. The crews put int the awnings on the buildings, the hitching posts out front, and the wood boardwalks. Since the movie, we have maintained them and kept the wooden sidewalks."

Locals say the film crew for "O Pioneers!" was in town for a couple of months getting the first portion of the movie filmed, and they used a lot of local people for the crowd scenes. "They filmed the first 10 or 15 minutes of the film on our main street, and part it was filmed south of here," Trobee said. "It was an event. It made Johnstown part of what it is today, or it helped, anyway."

As you look around the town, you can see some reminders that a movie was filmed on main street. There are painted signs on buildings that say things like "bank", "drug store", or "general merchandise." Trobee said some of the buildings have names on them that don't describe the actual building. "Across the street, it says 'Hanover Bank' on the window. But that never was a bank, it was a grocery store. People say, 'Oh, that's where the bank was', but no, they wrote that on the building for the movie."

When you get a chance to visit Brown County and Ainsworth, be sure to take a quick tour through Johnstown to see if you can see the reminders of a movie that was once filmed there.