Whiteclay community reacts to Supreme Court's decision

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WHITECLAY, Neb. After a Nebraska Supreme Court hearing, four liquor stores closed down permanently. In a town of less than 20 people, the sales and consumption of alcohol in the area of Whiteclay is now prohibited.

“The beer stores closing has changed my life because now I can get sleep,” said Abram Neumann, WhiteClay Resident. “Now, there isn’t the same late night partying and fights that their use to be,”

Residents feel that with the liquor stores closed, it will bring positivity back into their area. They can freely walk the streets without the risk of drunk drivers.

"The terrible things that use to happen to this town won't happen anymore,” said Neumann. “There won't be fights on the streets and there won't be people getting beat up."

The four liquor stores in the community might have closed down but coming up in the future, a Family Dollar will finish being built. The community believes it will bring more and safer jobs to the area.

“It does put four businesses out of business but those were businesses that were really causing a lot of misery and a lot of death,” said Neumann. “We expect those to be replaced with businesses that are really life giving and that serve the community here.”

Happening tomorrow, there will be a series of events starting at 8am to talk about the new establishments, developments and much more in the area.