Roastbusters brings the coffee to Husker fans

Published: Nov. 16, 2019 at 4:13 PM CST
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With the temperatures only getting colder, braving the cold at a Husker football game is becoming inevitable. Combine the November weather with an early start and that's how one innovative Lincoln man became a Roastbuster.

He's dressed in red converse and a full-body jumpsuit, but he's not going into the football games. Furrow is armed with a coffee backpack and an electric scooter, and he's here to bust some caffeine needs.

"I'm pretty loud without saying anything," Furrow said.

Furrow has been slinging coffee since college, but just this year he hit the streets with his look-alike proton backpack full of hot coffee and cold brew.

"Once I figured out I could wear the shop and go where coffee shops can't, which is everywhere, I figured if this doesn't work, I don't know what will?" Furrow said.

You can find Furrow scooting around on game days.

"The fact that you can just catch him on the street wherever he's at," said Josh Holmquist. "He's got a backpack full of coffee, it's awesome!"

While most sidewalk vendors have a territory, Furrow has a whole city. Sugar, creamer, stirring straws, his pack paired with an electric scooter transform him into a walking coffee shop.

"We are your go to for hot and cold brew," Furrow said. "That's part of the pack, I've got two tanks so I can do two drinks."

Furrow says slinging coffee to Husker fans is one of his favorite things to do.

"To hand off a hot cup of coffee in 38 degree weather is awesome," said Furrow. "There is really no better thing."

Furrow said the first year went so well that Roastbusters will be gearing up for a second. He said he's excited to keep caffeinating Lincoln in the coming football seasons.

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