Winter weather driving preparations

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Still six weeks until winter officially hits and the roads are slick, but already a second dose of snow here in Lincoln.

It has many preparing for potential problems the weather is sure to cause over the next few months, and it's never too early to be ready.

10/11 NOW spoke with the Manager of Maintenance Operations for the City of Lincoln.

He says they have done repairs to equipment, checked snow removal routes and they are ready to go.

During the winter months if you aren't being careful, you could pay the price.

But the city is doing their part to prevent that from happening.

"Give trucks extra room to work, allow them to do their job and apply the treatments so that the road will be safer for you,” said Manager of Maintenance Operations, Tim Byrne.

They have screens that show traffic cams, the weather forecast and even the road temperature.

"In order for us to make good timely decisions so that we can apply the right strategy at the right time,” said Byrne.

On Thursday, the temperature of most roads was in the mid 30's.

But they can dip to below freezing and you'll need to take precautions.

"I normally go the speed limit a little bit under, watch the distance that I’m following behind someone a little more,” said commuter, Chad Wollan.

Even if the roads are safe, the Nebraska Department of Transportation says you need to prepare.

"You have roadside assistance for a lot of different things but usually that can take time and in a storm that can usually take even longer so you could be stuck there for a couple hours,” said commuter Larry Balm.

Balm says he doesn't travel far for work, but he would rather be safe than sorry.

"I try to leave a little bit early, make sure that I have a set of jumper cables and maybe a food like a candy bar or water in the vehicle just in case,” said Balm.

NDOT also suggests you pack warm clothes and make sure your gas tank is full, just in case.

Looking forward, the Manager of Operations says they plan on releasing new technology sometime this winter to help crews treat roads.

Until then, he says they will be keeping a close eye on the weather, adding they are ready for whatever comes their way.