Woman charged with arson, stealing ex-girlfriend’s dog

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A Nebraska City woman is charged with setting fire to her ex-girlfriend’s porch, stealing a ruby necklace and a pit bull.

Police arrested Brooklyn Proplesch, 21, on Saturday on a Johnson County warrant.

An affidavit for the warrant says a sheriff’s deputy was called to Cook on Jan. 13, where a resident reported coming home to find the door to her garage broken.

Inside the house, there was a burn on a rug and lighter fluid on the floor in several rooms. She said her grandmother’s ruby necklace and her pitbull terrier named Gotham were missing.

Damage to the house, due to fire and the application of lighter fluid, is estimated at $2,500 and stolen items are valued at $2,700.

Nebraska City police say Proplesch was found in Nebraska City with a 14-year-old run-away.

Deputies were able to locate the dog in Omaha.

The Cook resident said Proplesch was angry because she refused to get back together with her. She told investigators that Proplesch had said she wanted to burn her house down, but only when the woman and the dog Gotham were not inside.