Woman scammed out of $162K

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Lincoln Police are investigating after a woman was scammed out of $162,000, which she withdrew from her 401K.

LPD said on Monday, a 63-year-old woman told officers she had been scammed. She said she was friended by a person on Facebook named Ethan in early 2019, who claimed he worked on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean.

According to police, Ethan “sweet-talked” the victim and asked her for cash to get home to California.

He asked for $3,000 for internet expenses, $30,000 for a vacation from work, and $50,000 for a plane ticket.

The victim called Fidelity Investments to remove the money from her 401K and sent the money to various locations including Texas and Georgia, police said.

Fidelity did not make a fraud claim since the money was withdrawn voluntarily, police said.