World Drumming Class at Lincoln High School, Apr. 11, 2018

As the most diverse high school in Lincoln, it seems only fitting that Lincoln High would offer a class that gives students the opportunity to learn more about different cultures from around the globe.

The class is called World Music Drumming and LHS Junior Jessica Wheat thinks the class is a perfect fit at Lincoln High School, "I think it kind of reflects this school, cause it's so diverse, so this class is very diverse, too."

Jill Oetken is a proud Lincoln High graduate and the originator of the world music drumming class at LHS, "I had this vision, I'm sure it came to me in a dream or something a few years back and I thought Lincoln High really needs a class like this where kids can come and explore something. We're fortunate enough that most of the instruments that we actually own and use for class are actually from Ghana."

This class allows students that aren't involved in band, chorus or orchestra, the opportunity to find their own beat. Kyle Stuart has really enjoyed being a part of this class, "Well, it's very fun to play drums especially with all these very interesting people...they're quite fun to be around."