Writers Write Program hits a milestone

Published: Feb. 17, 2017 at 2:00 PM CST
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For 25 years, one local organization has helped introduce Lincoln kids to the world of writing.

The Nebraska Literary Heritage Association has held its 25th annual Writers Write Program for 8th grade students on Thursday.

With mentors who are accomplished writers and published authors, 57 8th graders had the opportunity to show off their writing skills, and share it with the group.

“The program hopes to get the kids ready for the next level. They're right on the cusp. They're ready to head into high school. They're enthusiastic. They've been working hard on their writing and they're ready to launch themselves. So this is kind of a launching pad for them as they head towards high school,” Connie Healey, of the Nebraska Literary Heritage Association, said.

The select group of students were each chosen by their teachers to participate based on their talent for writing.

After many years of working with students, organizers say they are seeing the fruits of their labor as one of the instructors was once a participant.