Brenda Bickford, an IT project manager running against Wishart in District 27

Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 9:12 AM CDT
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Brenda Bickford

Preferred political party:


Current or most recent profession:

IT Project Manager

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a current homeowner in District 27, I was born in Central City, Nebraska and attended school in Grand Island, Nebraska, where I frequently visit my parents who still reside in the home where I was raised. My father is still active as a Realtor and high school teacher. My mother recently retired from her place of employment after 30 years of dedication, where she worked in retail. I attended Kearney State College in Kearney, Nebraska and went on to receive my Occupational Therapy degree at Kansas University. I spent 15 years as an Occupational Therapist, as well as the Director of Occupational Therapy at a large trauma hospital. When I came back to Nebraska to help my family navigate through the loss of a young family member, I went on to pursue interests in other areas, which began by spending six years as a Business Law Legal Assistant, in Grand Island, Nebraska. During that time, my passion for information technology grew. This passion along with my ability to organize and effectively bring a project to completion, led me to spend the past ten years employed in the information technology field, with the most recent five years spent working as an IT Project Manager at Nebraska based Nelnet, Inc.

Why are you running for this office?

I am running for legislature to give back and to make a positive impact on the state of Nebraksa where I was born and raised. To work for my neighbors in the 27th District and for the citizens of Nebrasaka, on issues important to them. To introduce and support legislation that furthers the conservative values of Nebraskans. Fiscal responsibility, pro-life policies and protecting the 2nd amendment are important to Nebraskans and they are important to me.

Do you support the actions taken by federal, state and local government officials to combat the spread of COVID-19? What, if any, changes would you propose?

Yes. The primary role of the government is to protect, and look after the safety and well being of the citizens. I believe our leaders fulfilled this role by implementing the precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19. Our state leaders have kept us well informed and up-to-date on a daily basis. During these unprecedented times, I feel our leaders are doing an excellent job assessing the situation as it changes and making adjustments as necessary. As a senator, I would have supported the emergency appropriation bill requested by the Goveroner to continue to keep Nebraskans safer.

What is your message to the people of this district and all Nebraskans during this time of crisis?

Remember we are all neighbors that can count on each other. Take the necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe and healthy. Support and care for others by calling to check on neighbors, buying groceries for those in a high risk group, providing for those that may not be able to work, or just saying a positive word to let others know they are not alone. Remember that together we will get through this and remain Nebraska Strong.

How will you support the economy now and after social distancing requirements end?

On a personal level I will make a point of supporting, promoting, and using the services of those companies most impacted by COVID-19. As a senator I will work for policies that stimulate business growth and eliminate obstacles to that growth, and that develp housing affordability that will attract and retain talent in our state.

What other issues facing voters are most important to you as a candidate?

As a state senator, I will work hard to protect our unborn through Pro-Life policies, to preserve the 2nd Amendment rights that allow us to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property, to bring Property Tax Relief, and stimulate Housing Affordability. I also think it is clear that crime, prison over crowding, drug addition, and homelessness are all impacted by the mental health crisis. As a state senator I want to work with a diverse team of professionals and other senators to enact policies that help those affected by the crisis, determine the best treatment, and make sure those in need have access to the treatment.

Why do you consider yourself the best person to address the needs of voters in your legislative district?

I can relate to the voters on many levels with my diverse work experience and the knowledge I have obtained through my personal life experiences . I am a homeowner who has successfully challenged arbitrary increases in my own property valuations. I’ve lived the issues that my neighbors in the 27th district and people in Nebraska live and I’ve developed an ability to work with diverse groups towards solution-oriented results.

How has your experience prepared you for this job?

My diverse background in the medical, legal, and information technology fields gives me the ability to make educated decisions on a wide variety of issues. With my experience as an IT project manager, I have the ability to analyze complex information, develop common sense solutions and workable pathways, and bring a projet to successful completion. I can relate with Nebraska citizens on many issues that impact their lives and are important to them. I have seen the impact drug addiction and mental health issues have on the addict and their family, I have helped navigate the healthcare system for someone with a life altering diagnosis, and I have seen the impact of domestic abuse on marriages.

What separates you from your primary challenger(s)? What about your potential general election challenger?

I am a homeowner who has paid and knows the burden of high property taxes. I have worked in the business community and I know the time and work it takes to start a business. I am Pro-Life and believe in preserving the 2nd Amendment, whereas my opponent supports abortion, including abortion funding with taxpayer dollars, has stood in opposition to important property tax relief bills, and is supportive of limiting 2nd Amendment rights.

Is there any other message, statement or concern you’d like to address?

As I meet and talk to voters in the 27th District, I hope they will see that I am approachable, transparent, and prepared for a time such as this to serve them and their families.

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