Landmark Church in Steinauer

Published: Mar. 19, 2018 at 12:00 PM CDT
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St. Anthony's Church truly stands out in Steinauer when you come into the town with a population of about 75.

Fran Herrick often provides tours of the church, and she tells us that in 1882, so many Catholics had arrived in the area that a church parish was created. "They first built a very small church, and in 7 years had outgrown that. So, they built a larger church right here," Fran said. Then in the 1920's, the congregation had outgrown the second church, and that's when the people decided to built the church that now stands today in town. "They began building in 1926, and dedicated it in 1927. It's a Romanesque-style architecture which you can see by all of the arches everywhere," Fran said.

About 4 years ago the congregation remodeld the church. They painted statues, fixed floors, plaster, and even restored the pews. "It was always beautiful, but we think even more beautiful now," Fran said.

The congregation is quite proud of the stained glass windows in the church. They were designed by a German artist from Chicago at the time the church was built. Along the wall there are windows that depict events in the life of Jesus and Mary. On the sides, there are windows that show the 12 apostles. In the back, there is what's known as a rose window with the Holy Trinity, and in the sanctuary there are windows that feature the seven sacraments.

The church also features a pipe organ and bells that ring across the town. "Most people are really surprised to see such a huge church, in such a small town," Fran said. If you would like to visit the church, you can. The church is open to visitors, and the church has even welcomed bus tours.