You've fought over this political season, now it's time to make up

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If you've had a heated debate with a loved one about this election cycle you aren't alone. But now that the results are in and the dust has settled, it's time to kiss and make up.

It's one thing to block someone on social media that posted arguments you didn't agree with, but leaving them blocked isn't good for your relationships.

Chad McBride, the communication studies department chair at Creighton University said it's not worth it to continue these arguments.

Instead, he said you need to move on and understand that it's okay not to talk about every topic.

"We see self help books in the book store and they say more communication is always better, but we have to remember sometimes it's better not to just talk about certain topics," he said. "And that's okay. We can still love our family and friends and choose not to talk about certain things."

So instead, find things you both agree on or both love about each other and talk about those things instead of politics.

And if you've had a showdown, McBride said an apology an go far. But you have to recognize differing opinions are bound to happen.