Argo bouncing back from injury, enjoying Air Force

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LINCOLN, Neb. Despite injury and a canceled season, Norris grad Zach Argo is enjoying his time playing baseball for Air Force. The sophomore pitcher has grown a lot while with Air Force as both a player and a person.

"That's pretty exciting for me is to see how much I've grown from a high schooler to where I am now, wearing the nation's uniform with the best and brightest and knowing that my teammates are also on that same path to me is pretty special," said Argo.

Argo loves to fly and has the goal of being an F-16 pilot. He's dreamed of being in the Air Force since he was a kid and is now living out that dream.

"For me, it was so much more than baseball, my dream is to fly fighter jets and I've always had that in my mind so when I go to that school, it's so much more than baseball to me"

Argo played in 12 games as a freshman but had elbow surgery six months ago. The canceled season is giving him a chance to heal up.