Bench Mob Madness

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LINCOLN, Neb. – It's a group, that doesn't need an introduction. They're known as the bench mob and they're America's favorite backups.

"It's pretty cool knowing that we start something out to engage ourselves and then it goes national," said Malcolm Laws.

While dunks and 3s are happening on the's the spontaneous sideline taking the spotlight.

"It's not like after practice, we're like we need to do this, this, and this. We whisper to one another, let's do the macarena," said Johnny Trueblood.

"I think the macerena was not done as well as when the rest of us were doing it. So I was like no, nope, nope. I do think the WWE move was pretty good," said Head Coach Tim Miles.

But before going national, the mob needed a mastermind. Fan favorite Jack McVeigh.

"People know who Jack is because he played a lot so he brought some fame to the bench mob so we appreciate it," Trueblood said.

The Australia native saw his playing time diminish this season but it seems to be working out.

"Everyone talks about being a great teammate and sacrifice, well I had a chance to really show that so I just took it on my shoulder to try and prove that I'm a good teammate and help the guys win whenever I can," McVeigh said.

"Most people would of decided to get out of here and leave or they would be upset thinking everybody is against them but Jack stayed the same. Goofy, likeable, so that shows a testament to his character," Laws said.

The Bench Mob has played many different roles this year and seems to already be in postseason form.

"We getting some requests and we have some of our own ideas and we have a lot in our bag," said Laws.