Bowman sisters take aim at Cornhusker State Games

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Chloe and Lillie Bowman are stand-out students at Norris High School. Both sisters are on the honor role, they both take part in several community activities and they both are award-winning trap shooters.

Lillie, a senior at Norris has been shooting since 8th grade and is the reigning champion in the Ladies High Individual Handicap event at the 2016 Cornhusker State Games.

Chloe, a sophomore at Norris has also been shooting since 8th grade. She was a part of he 2017 Female First Team of the Eastern Cornhusker Trap Conference- All South Division.

Both sisters shoot trap for Norris High and will be competing individually and on the team squad at this year's Cornhusker State games