Brown relives night of Foltz's death

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Drew Brown and Sam Foltz were teammates and best friends. The two were working at the same kicking camp in rural Wisconsin during the weekend Foltz was killed. In fact, Brown says he and Foltz had shared car rides during the trip until they separated on July 23rd.

"The last thing (Sam) said to me was 'See you at Drew's house.'"

Both Brown and Foltz were headed to former Wisconsin punter Drew Meyer's house about 30 miles outside Milwaukee. Brown and Meyer made it to their destination safely. After a 20-minute wait, Brown said he began to sense something wrong. He and Meyer went back out on the dark, rain-soaked roads to find their friends. Brown says by the time they arrived, police had taped off the area and were investigating the accident.

"Those roads up there, there aren't any street lights," Brown said. "The streets up there are super wavy. Trees are around them. Its almost like you're in the middle of a forest."

Brown says he was unable to see the accident. He continued to call Foltz's phone while talking to police. They would not update Brown on Foltz's condition, or former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler. Authorities did inform Brown that LSU kicker Colby Delahoussaye was being transported to the hospital.

"They obviously didn't know the land," Brown said. "They hit the hill too quick and the curve hit them. If you don't know the land, it'd be dangerous to drive around in at night."

Hours later, Brown learned that his best friend had passed away. He remembers receiving a phone call from his mother in Texas.

"I was on the ground," Brown said. "It wasn't easy."

Brown says he deeply misses Foltz and often thinks about the night of July 23rd. He believes God intentionally placed the two in separate vehicles.

"There's a reason I'm still here," Brown said. "That's to carry on his legacy."

Brown plans to dedicate his season to Foltz. He now wears a necklace with a 27 pendant in memory of the Husker punter.