Diekman enjoys extended time at home, stays ready for season

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Jake Diekman was hoping to step onto the pitcher's mound on March 26th, 2020.

"Opening Day is just super energetic," Diekman said.

Instead, no one was inside a baseball stadium and there is no indication when the MLB season may begin. For Diekman, the reality of March 26th, 2020 was a quiet afternoon lounging at his home in Arizona.

The Oakland A's relief pitcher says he's enjoying the extra time with his family.

"Being around the house for whatever this break is going to be," Diekman said. "I have so much more respect for what my wife does."

Diekman and his wife, Amanda, have a 17-month-old daughter. The Oakland A's pitcher says its been a blessing to be at home for some of the new milestones in his daughter's life.

"It is hard chasing that little girl around," Diekman said.

Jake and Amanda have also been a source of comfort and entertainment for each other during the COVID-19 outbreak. The two have made goofy, slapstick videos on Tik Tok, including one in which Jake impersonates Kim Kardashian.

"I have to do something to be like a little kid," Diekman said. "That was baseball. Without baseball, I have to find outlets to do that."

Diekman continues to train daily in preparation for the upcoming season. The 33-year-old relief pitcher is entering his ninth season in the big leagues. In 2019, Diekman tied the MLB lead with 31 holds. Diekman believes the Oakland A's have a chance to win the World Series in 2020.

"Its just really weird," Diekman said. "Opening Day should be today. We have no idea when we'll play again."