Former Huskers coach talks about coaching NFL star playing in Super Bowl

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Don't be surprised this summer if you see NFL superstar Tyreek Hill once again training in a grass field in southwest Lincoln. It's the same thing the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver was doing last off season - training with former Huskers wide receivers coach Keith Williams.

10/11 NOW's Kevin Sjuts went one-on-one with former Huskers wide receivers coach Keith Williams to talk about Tyreek Hill's success with the Kansas City Chiefs

Williams has become Hill's personal off-season coach, and now the two are close friends.

Hill is two days from playing in Super Bowl LIV (54), and as Williams told 10/11 NOW's Kevin Sjuts in their one-on-one interview, Hill is ready to go.

Q: Keith you've said Tyreek Hill has been in this building (Speedway) thousands of times training with you.
A: He's worked right over here. He's been on the grass. He's a hard worker. Every time he's come, he's left tired.

Q: That means you've worked him pretty hard?
A: We get after it. He wants that. Some times you get guys at the level he is as an athlete and you don't know if they work hard. When he comes to me, he works hard. He spends it.

Q: When he first started (training) with you... how do you describe the improvement he's made in his game?
A: It's vast. To his own admission, he's said he was a freak athlete. He wanted to improve his wideout skill set. The first time we worked out, we did a really short drill. He ran five yards and stopped immediately. He did it so fast that I looked at RG (Ryan Grant) And Keyan (Williams). When he did it, we were all like... No one said anything, we just looked at each other. That was pretty good.

Q: He's mentioned you in multiple interviews giving you some credit for his success. What does that mean to you when you hear him say 'Keith Williams back in Lincoln, Nebraska is helping me out?'
A: It feels good. We've gotten to be pretty close. Our relationship is that way. It feels good that he thinks that I have something to do with his improvement.

Q: Have you talked to Tyreek this week?
A: I have.

What does he think leading up to the Super Bowl?
A: He's ready to go. He's ready to go.