Former Lincoln High star Cedric Case battling for playing time

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LINCOLN, Neb. Cedric Case was hoping to use the spring as a way to climb the depth chart at Texas State. Instead, the former Lincoln High quarterback is at home with his family.

"I felt like we were making some huge strides this spring as a team and just to lose these reps in these times, it definitely hurts. You always want to get those reps and just to prove yourself and try and compete," said Case.

Case is currently one of seven quarterbacks on the Bobcats' roster after redshirting his first year on campus.

"How to live on your own, moving away from your family for the first time and as far as the game, you have to roll with the punches. The game moves so much faster and you're seeing a lot more complex defenses and just being around that and being around these high level teams, it was a lot of fun just to learn more about the game."

Case's family now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma but he will always remember his time with the Links.

"When I made the choice to go to Lincoln High, a lot of people were confused by it, Lincoln High hadn't been prominent in a long time so hopefully we can just go back and say that we were able to make that Lincoln High community proud," said Case.