Frost, Huskers look to keep momentum going after win over Minnesota

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Scott Frost and the Huskers are hoping to keep the momentum going after Saturday's win over Minnesota, Nebraska's first win of the Scott Frost era.

The Huskers host Bethune-Cookman on Saturday, with kickoff scheduled for 11 a.m.

On Monday, Frost and the Huskers addressed the media during the Huskers weekly press conference.

Frost said he knew all along the team was going in the right direction, but was happy to see them finally rewarded with a win on Saturday.

As for Bethune-Cookman, Frost said he is looking over the game and is making sure the team won't overlook the 4-4 team, noting that they have a better record than the Huskers.

Adrian Martinez also got some good news Monday, as he was named Co-Big Ten Freshman of the Week.

You can see what Frost and the players had to say by clicking the links above.

You can also read the full transcript from Frost's press conference below.

Scott Frost Nebraska Head Coach
On balancing recruiting, giving the team rest, and getting prepared this week
“Well our first priority is going to be getting ready to play and try to win the game. This is a team that’s 4-4, that’s a better record than what we have so we’re going to do everything we can to prepare them. We are going to get a couple coaches out this week, we’ve been doing that in other weeks too. We’ve got some capable guys as G.A’s and helpers that are capable of getting us through a practice and we’ll get some guys out to help recruiting. We need to do what we need to do to get ready for the game.”

On quarterback Adrian Martinez being named Co-Big Ten Freshman of the Week
“Co-Freshman Player of the Week? Who’s the other one? (Rondale Moore) oh yeah he deserves it, too. We’ve got a good one, for him to be doing what he’s doing at his age, I’ve said it a bunch, but it’s pretty impressive. I didn’t realize he was 25 of 29 and really had another one that got dropped, their middle of the field safety made a good play on another one and he threw one of them away, so it’s hard to be much more efficient than that. When I was here I didn’t get to throw 29 passes in a game, but there’s no way I would’ve completed 25.”

On JoJo Domann playing outside linebacker
“That’s not a position move, that’s just a guy that knows safety that can also play nickel for us. Our outside backer and nickel is kind of interchangeable. JoJo [Domann] is a safety, but especially with Ferg [Tyrin Ferguson] gimpy a little bit we needed another body down there and he’s a smart enough kid to know both of those spots and give us some depth at Sam backer, particularly when we’re playing teams with three wide receivers.”

On what’s clicking on offense
“We’re just starting to execute at a better rate. I’ve been saying we’ve been getting better I think that showed up on the field. We’ve just come short of a couple wins, but the offense is starting to understand the system. You can really tell on Monday’s when we put a new game plan in, and the majority of it is stuff they’ve repped before, it’s just different looks, different formations, things like that. The last couple weeks they just go out and run through it like they’ve been practicing those things for two weeks, and that’s when you know guys are starting to understand the scheme, understand their individual roles within the scheme and how to make something work. Our percentage of plays that everybody executed on was a lot higher than it has been in weeks past and it’s been moving in that direction for a while.”

On if Miles Jones got into the game
“No, Miles [Jones] didn’t get in. We’re going to try to use him as much as we can when the opportunity is there. He’s like several other freshman, they’re really close we just need to see a lot of consistency to feel good about having them out there when chips are down. Hopefully that time is coming before this season is over with Miles.”

On running back Devine Ozigbo being able to compete at the next level
“Well I think I’ve said this a bunch, I think he’s a step and a half faster than he was at the beginning of spring ball last year and I think he’s leaned out, he’s gotten faster, for a guy his size he makes people miss. I think you were able to see his top speed the other day when he broke them he finished them and he’s big and strong enough to run powerful. I had the opportunity to coach a great player before named Royce Freeman, Devine is a lot like him. Royce is having a really good rookie year and I love watching him and following him and Devine is the same type of running back.”

On the relationship Nebraska has with the staff at Bethune-Cookman
“I think the relationship with the staff mostly hinges through Sean Beckton. Sean is a guy that was in Florida his whole life and everybody down there knows how good of a guy he is. We needed a game. I wanted our guys to play 12 games. I’m not sure they would’ve turned the game down, we are paying them quite a bit of money. We want to go out and play as hard as we can and try to get a win I know they want to do the same thing. I think both staffs understand that there’s good men on each staff, Sean Beckton being that kind of guy I think they trusted us in that our intentions are right in regards to this game. We are glad to host them, got a lot respect for their coaching staff and their players so I’m looking forward to a good game.”

On if Nebraska's perimeter blocking was at its best against Minnesota
“At times it looked like I want it to look. I said it in the postgame, about one of Devine’s long runs. Any time you’re in quarters and we have one hat for the corner and the safety we want our wide receiver to block the most dangerous of the two. We called it double read when I was in school, Matt [Davison] did it, Jeff Lake did it, Lance Brown did it, Sean Wieting, all those guys. Jonny Vedral was the best at it. Haven’t really seen one that looks like it’s supposed to look yet until Saturday. Devine [Ozigbo] broke the run to the front side the other day and Mike [Williams] came down and got the safety and the corner fit late and it turned into a touchdown. Those are the kind of unselfish plays that we need to have. One of the marks of a really good team is when their wide receivers block. That shows guys willing to sacrifice for the team even when they’re not catching a ball, they’re going to make a play that can help the team win. There were some good blocks on the perimeter Saturday.”

On Eric Lee’s stop on special teams
“When it happened I was just hoping somebody would catch him, but Eric [Lee] showed good hustle on that play. He wasn’t in positon when he broke and continued to fight and sprint after it and that turned out to be a really big play to get them stopped and not get any points out that drive. That’s the kind of effort that we’re looking for and that we preach to the guys all the time so it was good to see it show up.”

On having an experienced staff through this season
“Through this whole thing I knew we had the right guys, I knew we had the right schemes, I knew the coaches were coaching the players the right things, I trusted every one of those guys. I’ve said this before, but it was important through that, that the players didn’t see us change. I don’t think that’s very good leadership to get them all fired up about ‘this is the way we’re going to do things’ until a couple things go the wrong way and then we change. I’ve got a lot of really good men that I work with, I trust them, they’ve been doing the right thing the whole time. It was just a matter of time until that led to good results, but having the whole staff come and guys that I trust and that I know can do the job, and I’ve seen do the job before gave me some peace of mind that I knew we were moving in the right direction. We’ve still got a long way to go, but I know we’re moving in the right direction.”

On giving the players the day off today
“It’s not ideal because we need to get ready for this game. We’re going to approach this game like any other and we have to be ready to go out and play well and win the game. Twelve weeks in a row is tough. You see the NFL coaches all the time when they win talk about victory Monday’s and say ‘see you on Wednesday.’ Not only do our guys need to rest physically, but this has been long, a little bit stressful on these guys and I think a day where they don’t have to come into the building is positive. We are going to make up for that time tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and make sure our guys are dialed in and ready. We just kind of felt like one day off would benefit us more than trying to get them back out there right away.”

On Maurice Washington’s passion
“When the ball gets kicked off he’s ready to play. I love guys like that. The best thing about Maurice is he loves football and you can see that in the way he plays. You can tell when a guy doesn’t even have the ball in his hands and he’s trying hard; he must love the game. Maurice has a passion for the game and he’s going to keep getting better too and I’m glad he’s on our side.”

On committing fewer penalties
“Hopefully better execution, some of the penalties on the offensive line our feet just weren’t in the right place and you resort to reaching out a little bit… that’s assuming I agree with all the calls, but it was good to see them down in this game. You talk about things we need to improve and that is definitely one of them. I thought in this game we were more disciplined. We didn’t have any dumb penalties again. Effort penalties we can live with, but the bad mistakes and the guys not paying enough attention or being focused enough to get those type of penalties are types we can definitely fix. A lot of those went away on Saturday so we need to keep that up."

On if he ever got to run the Statue of Liberty as a player
“No, I never did anything like that. I just handed it off to Ahman (Green) and Joel (Makovicka) and let them do the work. We threw a lot of stuff at those guys. We needed the win so we threw a lot of stuff at them and a lot of stuff the guys were excited to go out on the field and execute. That helped the enthusiasm last week and boy a bunch of the stuff we had dialed up for them worked on Saturday.”

On recruiting and the team feeding off a full stadium
“There is absolutely no question, recruiting is going really well. We need it to because we need to supplement what we have already on the team with some more talent, some more guys that already love the game. We’re going to love on each other. I’ll say it again, there is not another place in the country you can be 0-6 and have that kind of energy and full stadium. These fans are incredible. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them and they have been so supportive even through all of this. I think the vast, vast majority of them have seen the struggles we have been going through but can also see the improvement and where this is going. Every single one of the recruits commented on it, both the direction they can see this program going and the unbelievable support. If it is this way right now, I can’t wait to see once we get this thing rolling. It’s going to be a lot of fun around here.”

On talking to recruits about Adrian Martinez
“If I was a receiver or running back or tight end coming in to a program and I knew somebody had a freshman quarterback playing as well as Adrian is, I would want to be at that school. I think that is a big selling point for us, particularly on offense and even on defense to be able to play with a guy like that. You want to see where our program is going. That’s a huge piece when you've got the right guy under center, and I think a lot of guys that we have had in to visit can recognize that.”

On Martinez meeting recruits on campus
“He is anxious to meet every one of the recruits that are on campus and help us recruit. Adrian’s on board and is as good of a kid as I’ve been around. He’s going to help do everything he can possibly do to make sure we get where we know we are going.”

On punt and kickoff coverage
“Punt coverage and kickoff coverage have been a thorn in our side. Even in that game, up three scores with five minutes left. If you make them use some clock to go down and get a score then you feel good about the game. Then they get the ball on the (13). Those things can’t happen. We’re going to keep working. It isn’t like we haven’t been training and working and doing the things. We’ll keep doing them. Guys have to make tackles and we need to kick the ball where it’s supposed to be kicked. Touchbacks are great and one of many things that we still have a lot of work to do on.”

On Jeramiah Stovall’s progression and how he got where he is
“He started doing things the right way. He has been a good teammate for the last several weeks. When a guy does things the right way and is a good teammate, we are anxious to get him on the field and they can do. He has taken advantage of that.”

On other teams using jersey switches as trickery
“I don’t think that is something we will do, to be honest with you. I am a traditionalist and anything that compromises the integrity of the game I am not really in favor of. If you have a tackle that you want to put in at tight end and you announce it that’s one thing, but I don’t know that we will get involved in that kind of deception. We are looking for any advantage we get. I don’t want to sound like I’m standing on a moral high horse here, but we want to try and do things the right way.”

On Purdue beating Ohio State
“It gives me a lot of hope and encouragement. Not that we didn’t have hope before, but we are not that far away a few weeks ago from being in the game and having a chance to beat Purdue. In fact, if we didn’t make a lot of dumb mistakes we would have been right in that or even in a better situation. I've got a lot of respect for Coach Brohm and I have said that before and his team. This league is really good top to bottom and any team can beat any team from week to week. I think the encouraging thing is we weren’t that far away from winning that game and then they were able to knock off a really good team in Ohio State. That is kind of how the league is, but I think it shows that we are not that far away.”