Frost's Huskers run out to new tunnel walk song

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos hinted it would be a new experience when the Nebraska football team took the field against Akron Saturday.

"I think it kind of goes with our theme of honor the past, live the present, create the future," Moos said Thursday. "There will be pieces of the tunnel walk that are traditional and there will be some things that might be more appealing to that 18, 19, 20 year old player.

Nebraska kept its traditional Sirius song but following it, a remix of the song "Jungle" by X Ambassadors pumped through Memorial Stadium.

The reaction from fans we talked to was positive.

"The tunnel walk was awesome, energy was unbelievable, the place was loud as all get out."

"I thought it was pretty good, I liked a lot of it but honestly I couldn't hear anything because it was too loud where I was sitting, I just heard screaming."

"I really liked it. I really liked the intensity, particularly from our coach and the rest of the players and I thought the crowd was really hyped."