'Gregath & Hooks' broadcast show from garage

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LINCOLN, Neb. Despite not broadcasting in a studio, Nick Gregath and Bill Hooks from 'Gregath & Hooks' are still doing a show on ESPN Lincoln, 101.5 FM/1480 AM.

It may look more like a tailgate but for Gregath and Hooks, remaining on the air for their listeners is of utmost importance. That's why they've started doing the show from Gregath's garage.

"Sports is a big factor in our community, Lincoln, Nebraska. You put on an event, it's going to sellout and probably set records 'cause that's what we do in this town, it's what we do in this state. When the sports stopped, there was a thought right away that these guys won't have anything to talk about," said Gregath.

But the duo remains talking through a headset for two hours every weekday.

"We have to keep hope, you have to keep hope, live this thing out and know that there's good things on the other side but there's also good things in the moment right now," said Hooks.

You can listen to the show Monday-Friday from 9-11 a.m.