Huskers' lead slips away in OT loss to Colorado | Watch highlights & read Sjuts' Slant

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - After leading 17-0 at halftime, the Nebraska football team fell to Colorado 34-31 in overtime. The Huskers fell to 1-1 on the season while Colorado moves to 2-0. Colorado kicked a field goal to go up three in overtime. Nebraska then failed to move the ball setting up a 48-yard attempt for Isaac Armstrong who sailed it wide. The Colorado fans at Folsom Field then stormed the field.

Adrian Martinez had a big first half ending the day 16-26, 290 yards, 4 total touchdowns, and 1 interception.

The Huskers have not won on the road under Scott Frost as the Huskers have lost eight in a row on the road.

***It was a beautiful day in Boulder. Picturesque setting, great weather and the thousands of Husker fans in attendance made the atmosphere fun. Everything was great. Until the 2nd half happened.
***A key moment in the game was at the start of the 3rd quarter. Nebraska had the ball to start the second half, yet used a timeout before the first play. Perhaps that was an omen.
***Maurice Washington played great. Nearly 200 yards of total offense. The Huskers creatively used him out of the backfield and as a wide receiver.
***Scott Frost seemed very nervous before the game. When the game got close, he really started working the officials. In a sense, he was issued a 'technical foul' in the second half (I know this isn't basketball).

“As a coach you try to stay calm on the sideline and do your job. It was tough today because of the emotions..." Frost said. "This is one of the hardest losses I’ve been apart of.”

***Running between the tackles continues to be a struggle.
***Adrian Martinez was as irritated as we've seen him during his postgame interview. He even cursed! And quickly apologized for his language.

"We let our fans down, we let Coach Frost down," Martinez said. "I wanted this game. We wanted this game. We had that mindset coming in, and we lost. Plain and simple. We’re going to have to bounce back, it’s tough."

***"That's an altitude game." That's what a Colorado staff member told me after the game. He's been working games at Folsom Field for 35 years. He said every once in awhile, he sees a team run out of gas because of the altitude.
***Collin Miller keeps getting better. I like his motor. And his knowledge of the game seems to be improving.
***Before the game, Colorado started to initiate a chant in which one side of the stadium yelled 'C' with the other responding 'U.' It was quickly overtaken by 'Husker Power.'
***Shoutout to Nebraska's fan base. The stadium, which seats 51,000 fans was nearly half-red. Colorado had multiple delay of game penalties. So much for CU's attempt to 'Keep the Red Out.'
***There's a mental hurdle the Huskers have yet to clear in terms of winning a close game. Think Northwestern in '18. Ohio State, too. This one stings more than both of them. Nebraska must learn how to finish an opponent.

“The game is done, what are we gonna do," said Mo Barry. "We gonna cry about it? We gonna be sad? We’re men. We’ve got to learn from it, and we got to go…. That’s how life is. That’s how football is. We’re going to wake up Sunday, go get treatment. Monday, we’re going to go do film. We’re going to learn from it. We’re going to have a great Monday practice, and the next team is gonna get it."

***As heartbreaking as the Colorado loss is, I'm curious to see how fans react. Will season predictions be altered? Or will they keep the faith that the Huskers are still positioned for a good year?