Husker fans recreate photo after 23 years

A Facebook post has gone viral and the power of Husker nation has brought two fans together again today to create a game day photo, from 23 years ago.

Joe Mixan's Facebook post from less than a week ago blew up overnight.

"23 years ago, when I took the picture of Jim Bucanaon," said Mixan "a fan I didn't know and I posted it on Facebook on a whim."

Mixan was the Husker's athletic photographer, when he snapped the picture in 1995. Fast forward to this week, when he says he wanted to reconnect with this man.

"Within under 15 minutes his daughter saw the post and we made a connection" said Mixan.

Since then the post has gotten over 13 thousand likes and over one thousand shares.

"It's just the power of red," said Mixan "and the whole win streak and there's probably a lot of people like Jim out there that have been to games for several decades."

The man in the photo is a die hard Husker fan. Today marks the 322nd game he has attended. The two met up on the sidelines of Memorial Stadium to meet for the very first time and snap a new, updated version of the 1995 shot.

"He's just into it," said Mixan "like a lot of people but hes a little more dedicated than most."

As Scott Frost ushers in a new era of Husker football, fans are gearing up to ignite an old rivalry.

"It's good to see an old familiar foe that we played in the Big 8 and then in the Big 12, so people are excited for that" said Mixan.

Mixan is still a working photographer and works many Husker sports, he was even hard at work today in Memorial Stadium.