Jackson ready to shine in senior season

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN)- Lamar Jackson is getting ready to shine for his senior season. Jackson is expected to be leader of the Nebraska secondary 2019 senior season. Jackson's size and strength allow him to match up against all types of receivers and help build up the defense on the field.

(Source: 10/11 Sports)

Jackson is known for breaking up passes and getting interceptions, last season Jackson managed to get a pair of interceptions and seven pass breakups. But now Jackson is dealing with a new challenge, changing diapers under the title of "father".

"It feels great. I'm proud of it and I'm honored to wear it," Jackson said. "For the most part, it helped me grow. It just allowed me to be a man, just naturally, the way I move, the way I think. Just certain stuff that I did before, I wouldn't do now."

While at UNL, Jackson has seen more than his skill grow over the years.

"I've seen myself grow tremendously as a person and as a football player," Jackson said. "Just on and off the field, people I've come across, the coaches, the players, just seeing situations unfold in front of me, just seeing things people went through, it just made me sit back and learn and observe and just take stuff and apply it. Just telling myself there's certain things I'm going to do or not going to do.

With all the skills and style Jackson has built up, he hopes to leave a legacy that his son, Legacy, will be proud of.

"You can expect a guy that is going to go out there and give it his all, drip confidence, drip swag," Jackson said. "I'm going to be out there doing my thing. You're going to see a young man going out there having fun, hopefully making a whole lot of plays, I've left a lot of stuff on the table, a lot of stuff that I didn't do, that I wasn't willing to do, everything that I wasn't doing, I'm going to do, everything I didn't do, I'm going to do."