LPS not opening weight rooms on June 1

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Lincoln Public Schools has decided it will not open its weight rooms on June 1 despite permission to do so from the State of Nebraska.

Governor Pete Ricketts has given school districts in Nebraska the ability to open weight facilities at the start of June, but LPS has decided to keep the doors closed a bit longer.

“Lincoln Public Schools has made the decision that we will not be opening our weight rooms on June 1, however, we are working through the necessary details to be able to open in a safe manner,” Kathi Wieskamp, Director of Athletic and Activities for LPS, told 10/11 NOW in a statement.

Wieskamp said that instead of opening the weight rooms, remote training will continue.

“We have had a remote training program in place the past few months and will continue to utilize that method of training until we are ready to safely transition back into our weight rooms.”