Local runner waits for Boston Marathon

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Instead of running in the famed Boston Marathon, Kevin Riessland spent Monday on the gravel roads outside Lincoln. Riessland had a quick, 4-mile run, as part of his training for the Boston Marathon. He qualified for the race last May.

"It was a little bittersweet," Riessland said. "We were supposed to have lobster tonight after the race."

The 44-year-old from Lincoln says he plans on running in the rescheduled race on September 14th.

"I was kind of getting back in the swing of training," Riessland said. "COVID hit. Emotionally, that kind of took a toll on me."

The Amherst native was denied a Boston Marathon entry in 2018. He dropped his time nearly 6 minutes to qualify for the 2020 race.

Riessland often races in honor of friends and family members. He wears their names on his shirt, including the late Carol Smith. Riessland has a collection of "Team Carol" shirts, including one with the yellow lettering "Boston For Carol" on the front. Smith died of cancer in 2013. Before her passing, Riessland says he promised Smith he would qualify for the Boston Marathon.