Nebraska shines in Masters Classic

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LINCOLN, Neb. The No. 18 Nebraska women's gymnastics team won the 29th annual Masters Classic, the 25th time the Huskers have won the Masters Classic. The Huskers posted a season high team score 197.675, the sixth highest team score in team history and the highest since NU posted the same score in 2013 against Iowa. This is the second highest score of any team in the Big Ten this season behind Michigan's 197.775.

No. 9 Kentucky finished with a score of 197.200 and Illinois State a 191.625.

In the meet, the Huskers finished with season highs on uneven bars and balance beam. On uneven bars, Nebraska posted a combined team score of 49.600, the third highest uneven bars score in Nebraska history and on balance beam the team combined for a team score of 49.500, the sixth highest balance beam score in Nebraska history.

Besides Kentucky's Katie Stuart winning the vault event title with a score of 9.975, it was all Nebraska with senior Sienna Crouse earning the uneven bars event title, junior Sierra Hassel taking home the balance beam event title, Crouse also winning the floor exercise and all-around event titles.

Rotation One
Nebraska began the meet on vault, eager to begin the meet strong. Houchin led the way for the Huskers with a 9.90, followed by Crouse posting a score of 9.85. Adnerys De Jesus and Megan Verceles Carr would both go on to hit with scores of 9.825, and Anika Dujakovich finishing with a score of 9.80. Kaylee Quinn rounded out the team with a score of 9.35, due to a fall. The Huskers would combine for a team score of 49.200 on vault.

On uneven bars, Illinois State finished with a team score of 46.525 with Kylie Meyer posting the best score for the Redbirds with a score of 9.70.

On balance beam, Kentucky began the meet with a team score of 49.325. Dukes and Hyland were the highest scoring performers, both posting scores of 9.90 for the Wildcats.

Nebraska found themselves just behind Kentucky after the first rotation and ahead of of Illinois State moving into the second rotation.

Rotation Two
Moving onto uneven bars, the Huskers really began to show their dominance. The Huskers exploded on bars for a new season high team score of 49.600, the fifth highest uneven bars score nationally, thanks in part to four 9.90s or higher for NU. Crouse was .25 away from the Husker's first perfect 10 of the season. She would go on to finish with a new career high 9.975, tying the third highest individual score on bars for a Husker. Houchin was not far behind her with a score of 9.95, both received a 10 from one judge. Freshmen De Jesus and Sarah Hargrove both ended with career highs with 9.90s. Verceles Carr stuck a powerful routine with a 9.875 while Catelyn Orel earned herself a season high with a score of 9.80.

On balance beam, Illinois State would finish with a team score of 47.800 with Savannah Remkus posting the highest score with a 9.725.

On floor exercise, Kentucky would combine for a team score of 49.250 with Sidney Dukes leading the way for UK with a score of 9.90.

Nebraska took the lead after two rotations, leading 98.800 to Kentucky's 98.575 to Illinois State's 94.375 moving into the third rotation.

Rotation Three
In the third rotation, Nebraska continued their already impressive night on balance beam. The Huskers finished with a combined 49.500 team score, a season high and the eighth highest balance beam score in the nation. Hassel was instrumental to that score, finishing with a career high 9.975, receiving a 10 from one judge, and tying the second highest individual score for a Husker all time. Houchin and Crouse both helped the cause as well with Houchin finishing her night with a score of 9.95, a new career high and Crouse sticking a beautiful routine with a 9.925. Schweihofer concluded her home career at Nebraska with a 9.85, while Orel and Hargrove round out the Huskers with a scores of 9.80.

On floor exercise, Illinois State finished the third rotation with a team score of 48.850 thanks to a pair of 9.825s from Mia Quigg and Gabrielle Cooke.

On vault, Kentucky did everything they could to keep the meet close, but was not enough finishing the third rotation with a score of 49.400 thanks in part to a 9.975 vault from Stuart and a 9.95 vault from Mollie Korth.

After three rotations, Nebraska kept their lead with a score of 148.300 to Kentucky's 147.975 to Illinois State's 143.225 moving into the final rotation.

Rotation Four
With only one rotation to go, Nebraska had all the momentum with floor exercise left. Crouse concluded her phenomenal night with a 9.95, tying a career high. Hassel was not far behind, finishing her night with a score of 9.925, also tying a career high. Orel finished her home career with a score of 9.875, a career high for her. De Jesus and Johnston finished with scores of 9.825 and 9.80, respectively and Hargrove rounded out floor exercise with a score of 9.75.

On balance beam, Illinois State finished their night with a team score of 48.400 with Cooke leading the way with a 9.775.

On uneven bars, Kentucky finished their night with a team score of 49.225 with Korth posting the highest score of the Wildcats, 9.90.

In the all-around, for Nebraska, Crouse finished with a career high 39.700, the tying eighth highest all-around score in Nebraska history. For Kentucky, Dukes finished with a 39.375, Hyland a 39.425, Korth a 39.550 and Stuart a 39.025. For Illinois State, Cooke finished with a score of 38.325, LaRoche finished with a score of 38.200 and Meyer a score of 38.225.