Norris tight end James Carnie loves college choice

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LINCOLN, Neb. Just ask James Carnie about Miami University in Ohio and his eyes light up. The Norris senior-to-be committed to play football for the RedHawks recently and lists several reasons why.

"It's sort of hard to turn up a 250-thousand dollar check to play a sport you love and be at a place that loves you. Miami was always recruiting me. They told me I was their number one and that really means something to me and it's true to my heart that I go somewhere that they care about me and that they want me and that I will play and be developed," said Carnie who excelled in his junior season at tight end.

Carnie was in talks with Nebraska and said another school recruiting him hard was Toledo, also from the MAC.

"I was fortunate to get out there (Miami) before COVID-19 hit so I was super fortunate to get out there. I feel like the coaches are going off of my film."

Before college, however, Carnie says he expects Norris to have a very successful season.