Radio broadcaster adjusts with no sports

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LINCOLN, Neb. Tyler Cavalli is used to covering sports this time of year but due to local sports being put on hold, Cavalli is having to adjust with no games to call.

The Program Director at KRVN Radio is also the voice of the Concordia Bulldogs in Seward. In March at the national tournament, he was in the middle of a broadcast when he found out Concordia's basketball season was cancelled.

"You immediately just felt so bad for the seniors and for those players that aren't going to play again," said Cavalli.

Typically, Cavalli is getting ready for the American Legion baseball season but for right now, it's still to be decided if there will be a season.

"They're student-athletes trying to figure out what to do next as they were robbed of any spring sports that are going on. It's tough because now you really can't go out and get a couple of buddies together and go to the basketball courts even."

Like many sports fans and those involved in sports, Cavalli is hopeful that he can return to calling games soon.

"Whatever sport it may be that we get on the air, and doing play-by-play again, is going to be incredible."