Sue's Boos: Lincoln Lutheran Volleyball

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At a mid-season tournament, Lincoln Lutheran volleyball players were told to put their cell phones away. What happened immediately started a season-long theme for the Warriors.

Players gathered to sing and serenaded head coach, Sue Ziegler. With her teammates' approval, senior Marriah Buss titled their group "Sue's Boos." Soon after, "Sue's Boos" started participating in other off-the-court antics.

They attempted to be cheerleaders, painted pumpkins, held team dinners and dressed up for Halloween together.

"These girls are so multi-talented," Ziegler said. "They're talented academically. They're talented musically. They're very gifted on the court with volleyball and many other sports."

Players say they're a tight-knit group and team dinners can often last three times longer than originally planned.

"Whenever we have the chance to be together, we really make the most of it," senior Marriah Buss said.

The Warriors say the term "Sue's Boos" is fitting because it recognizes the love shared between players and Ziegler.

"She's just been someone whose been a really strong role model in our lives," senior Paige Trutna said. "We all really look up to her. We know what's best for us and she's going to push us to work harder in every practice and every game."

The Warriors qualified for the State Tournament over the weekend. Lincoln Lutheran enters the quarterfinal round with 34 wins, which is tied for the school record. "Sue's Boos" play Chadron on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.