Williams staying optimistic away from football field

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LINCOLN, Neb. Wisconsin defensive lineman and Lincoln Southeast grad Bryson Williams is staying positive despite not being on the football field. Williams is back in Lincoln where he's optimistic about his team's return to normalcy and his own recovery, after suffering a knee injury in the 2019 season.

"I just talked to Coach Chryst yesterday and my defensive line coach. It was more of just a check in call just do what you can I have been super lucky to have stuff here available. I mean, we still try and keep in touch but communication has been big with the coaches, with the team. Everybody knows what the standards are for next year and there's still film you can watch, there's still stuff you can do. On defense, you want to learn formations, set up some bins, chairs, pillows, whatever it is, you can still do stuff. And I think plenty of our team has the willingness to get better through this," said Williams.