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About Us

Limitless Male Medical Clinic opened its doors to help men who are suffering from the common symptoms of Low Testosterone. With years of experience in Low T clinics in the Omaha and Lincoln areas (and coming soon in Des Moines!), our professional staff help you address the most common symptoms of Low T, including low libido, weight gain, lack of concentration, decreased muscle and strength, low energy and diminished sexual performance. Our board-certified physicians provide the best customer service and the most comprehensive treatment available. We also offer the best pricing AND treatment–covered by insurance. Low T can affect men of all age; at Limitless Male Medical Clinic, we will make you feel like a young man again.


What does it cost to find out if TRT is right for me?

Your initial consultation is no charge. If you are using insurance, the blood draw will be covered. If you are paying cash, the blood draw is $95.

Will insurance cover my TRT treatments?

The magic number is usually around 300 units for insurance to cover TRT therapy. However, it will depend on which insurance carrier you have. We check your coverage before treatment.

What is the cost if I start a TRT program with insurance?

Costs are determined by your specific insurance plan. Generally, there will be deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance and max out-of-pocket that will be your financial responsibility. Upon starting a TRT regimen, we will discuss payment options that cover deductibles and co-pays.

What are the typical costs if I have insurance?

Costs vary depending on your share of financial responsibility. We can set-up affordable payment plans to cover your out-of-pocket expenses.

Can I still get treatment without insurance or if insurance elects not to cover treatment?

If insurance elects not to cover treatment, elective treatment is still an option. We will discuss affordable cash payment options during your follow-up consultation.

Which insurance companies do you accept?

We are in-network with many major health insurance providers (except for Medicare and Medicaid), including but not limited too Blue Cross/Blue Shield, UHC, Midland’s Choice, UMR, Medical, Group Pension Administrators, TriCare, and more. We also accept HRA/HSA payments. If you would like to know what your specific plan covers, we can check your coverage before treatment.

How do I pay for treatments?

Whether covering deductibles, co-pays, out-of-pocket costs for insurance or you are paying cash for treatment, we accept all payment forms including HSAs, Flex Spending, debit/credit cards, cash, and checks.

Do I have to come into the clinic for TRT treatments?

Once we have a plan, you can have the medication drop shipped to your home for your convenience. We do still require once per month visits to our clinic for blood draws and check-in with our physicians.

Does insurance cover erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments and medications?

Insurance does not cover ED treatments and medications.