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About Us

We believe all of God’s people are of worth and value. Since 1889, Epworth Village, formerly Mothers’ Jewels Home, has provided much needed services to the children, youth and families of Nebraska.

A Christ-centered mission, Epworth Village provides services to assist children, youth and families in crisis. We serve those children, youth and families who feel left out, powerless and weary. We help strengthen families in order to prevent abuse and neglect whenever possible. We work to help reduce the stress and trauma that can result in children and youth adopting risky behaviors that may cause separation from their family and have a lasting negative effect on their lives.

Epworth Village is proud to be a National Mission Institute of the United Methodist Women and affiliated with the United Methodist Church. We will continue to bring hope and healing!

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide comprehensive family-centered services that bring hope and healing to children, youth and families across Nebraska in a compassionate and caring manner.

Our Vision
A world where families will have a clear pathway to the resources they truly need to lead healthier, more hopeful lives. Together we can find a way.

Our Services
In-Home Family & Safety
Working with children, youth, and families is at the core of Epworth’s compassionate family-centered services. We help families by providing direct assistance and coordination of community resources so the challenges the family is facing are addressed quickly and effectively. We help the family work towards remaining a family unit and/or meet the goals of reunification in a healthy and safe environment.

Epworth works with families whose children or youth are in imminent risk of out-of-home placement or who are at the point of coming back into their homes to reunite with their families. Epworth’s professional staff provides services to first meet the basic family needs such as a clean and safe living environment, nutritional resources, and personal heath and hygiene concerns. Services are then tailored to fit the family’s specific needs, goals, values, learning styles, and circumstances with a strong focus on parenting skills.
A priority is the prevention or ending of exposure to childhood abuse and neglect which hinder healthy, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Additional services may include supervised visitations and drug testing as ordered by Probation Officers or State Agency Caseworkers.
Foster Care

Epworth works with families to ensure the best family-like environment for children and youth who are in out-of-home placements. This helps reduce the trauma of separation from their own family.

Foster parents help teach and provide “Hope and Healing” in a loving environment where children and youth grow and thrive. We strive to achieve improved long-term outcomes of their physical and emotional health. This can help children and youth through the steps of reunification with their family of origin or in moving to more permanent care elsewhere.

Epworth provides services in 24 Nebraska counties. Our Foster Care services include: recruitment, training, licensing, retention, respite care, ongoing 24/7 support, in-home support services and Foster-to-Adopt assistance.

More information about our services can be found on our Services pages.


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