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About Us

At Carpets Direct we believe the best value doesn’t always mean the cheapest price. Carpets Direct is the only store in Lincoln to guarantee its labor for two full years. We promote great service, communication, and a knowledgeable sales staff, including a full time interior designer to help you make the best decision for your project. We can help with all your flooring needs including carpeting, sheet vinyl, ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, area rugs and window treatments. Carpets Direct is easily located at the northwest corner of 48th and Hwy 2.  We take great pride in the fact that Carpets Direct is on the Better Business Bureau Honor Roll year after year!


Carpets Direct FAQ

What is your best carpet?
Solution died nylon. The color is consistent throughout resulting in a carpet that’s virtually stain proof. This is also one of our most durable carpets for high traffic areas such as hallways and steps.

What is the difference between engineered and solid wood?
Solid is solid. Engineered is more dimensional and stable. It’s typically less expensive and is more versatile to install.

Will your installers do my whole house for $39.00.
While we know other retailers advertise a $39.00 Whole House Installation, when you look at the TOTAL COST of the project verses just the installation cost we’re ALWAYS competitive.

What types of flooring are people putting in their homes now?
People are still mainly installing carpeting, Freize being the most popular. Most homes have a variety of floor coverings.

What is fiber floor?
It’s the next generation of what we currently know as vinyl or linoleum. Some of the benefits are…It’s waterproof, curl proof, won’t damage if you drop a sharp object on it and doesn’t require buffing or waxing.

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