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About Us

Schaefer's is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. We are an independently owned and operated electronic, appliance, furniture, and custom electronics retailer. Schaefer's has been a prominent name in the Lincoln market for more than four decades, originating as a small corner drugstore at 13th & F Street.  Currently located at our new location of 4700 R Street, Schaefer's has transformed into 30,000 square-foot "superstore". 

Our appliance service center is the largest in the city. A knowledgeable sales staff, express delivery, expert installers, easy financing, and our customer service representatives are just a few of the ways in which we, at Schaefer's, separate ourselves from the rest.



Schaefers TVs and Appliances FAQ

What is the biggest advantage of front load washers and dryers?
Water and Energy savings. Most front load washers use up to 70% less water than traditional top load washers. With the use of less water to get your cloths clean, it reduces spin times using less electricity. And shortens drying time in the dryer which also helps reduce energy usage.

What is a better high def tv – DLP, Plasma or LCD?
They are all good. It really comes down to you and your room. For example: Plasma will work better in a darker room and LCD might work better in a brighter room. There are many other differences and our associates will walk you through finding which is best for you.

What are the advantages of induction cook tops?
Induction is the most efficient way to cook, since there is almost no wasted energy transfer. You can boil water in as little as 90 seconds. There are also very easy to clean and since there is no heated element or flame like you have in gas or electric cook tops, they are safer to use.

Is there a difference between DVD and Blu-Ray?
Yes, a huge difference – about 1,000,000 pixels of high def resolution. Plus, Blu-Ray discs are more durable and Blu-Ray players will play your CD’s and up sample your DVD’s to a higher resolution. Other benefits include unmatched audio performance for your home theater.

Is there a real difference between TV’s that run at 60 hertz versus the newer models that are 120 – 240 hertz?
YES. The newer high def 120hertz and up LCD’s produce a jitter free picture that is visible when watching certain shows. These TV’s generate a duplicate image to fill the gap between frames. Schaefer’s has a display set up in the showroom that allows you to compare this side by side.

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