Adam Morfeld
Adam Morfeld(Adam Morfeld)

Adam Morfeld

Candidate for Lancaster County Attorney


Previous related work experience/political offices held:

Lancaster County needs a County Attorney that is going to be hyper focused on reducing the increase in gun crime and homicide occurring under the current county attorney who serves as our chief law enforcement officer.

I will work closely with law enforcement, community based mental, substance abuse, and behavioral health services, and advocates to quickly put together a plan and execute on it. We will invest more heavily into intensive diversion programs and problem solving courts for those who are deemed non violent and not a threat to others - keeping them on the job and reducing tax payer costs while making our community safer. Further, we need common sense when it comes to protecting reproductive freedom and legalizing medical marijuana. Both things my opponent has publicly opposed.

Our top priorities will be public safety, accountability and transparency.

Why are you running for office?

County government touches all citizens of Lancaster County. I am committed to public service, and making the assessor’s office be responsive to the people of Lancaster County. With my background in county government, I am familiar the various aspects of local government and how they affect citizens. In the Clerk’s Office, we handle property valuation protests, and I aware of people’s frustration with increasing property valuations.

What will be your top issue to tackle if elected?

The top issue is the rise in gun violence and homicides in Lancaster County. This is an unacceptable increase under the current county attorney who is our top law enforcement officer. As noted above we will convene law enforcement and other stakeholders to take an aggressive and targeted approach to reduce this kind of crime. We will also increase out use of diversion and problem solving courts for those who are non violent but have mental health, PTSD, or substance abuse issues. We want accountability, but we also want rehabilitation.