Breland Ridenour
Breland Ridenour(Breland Ridenour)

Breland Ridenour

Candidate for Governor


Tell us about yourself.

I was raised and homeschooled in rural Nebraska. Currently, I am an IT Manager for an Omaha-based company. My background is in technology within the military, healthcare, and private sectors. I am married with two children.

Why are you running for this office?

Our state needs a leader that relates to the needs of ALL Nebraskans and will prioritize those needs, and who will fight for the liberties of all Nebraskans. We need a leader who will lead our state to greater success by implementing sustainable solutions with an objective perspective that is not influenced by an outside agenda. I am running because I am that leader. I want Nebraska known for leading by example in all areas, to include education, economy, and liberty. I want to bring honesty, integrity, and transparency into our highest elected office. We need a leader that Nebraskans can trust. I have been proving my trustworthiness by my actions and consistency of my principles.

What would be your top priority if elected?

Protecting the life and liberties of Nebraskans.

What relevant experience would you bring to the office?

I am a seasoned manager and leader due to my personal training endeavors and professional experiences. I pride myself on my ability to communicate, especially with parties of different opinions. I am experienced in making the tough call, finding the middle ground, and taking the initiative to lead by example. I have personally thrown myself into challenging scenarios and have learned to adapt and overcome grueling obstacles. Furthermore, my extensive experience in technology will allow me to ensure Nebraska stays relevant in this technological age. Technology can be leveraged to better our local industries, save tax money, and grow our state.

Do you support tax relief for Nebraskans? If so, what type and how would you make it happen?

Our current tax system is a ticking time-bomb. Tax relief is a top priority for me. As a middle-class citizen, I feel the sting of exorbitant property taxes.I propose eliminating property, income, corporate, and inheritance taxes. This can be done by working with our legislature to implement the EPIC tax plan.

Nebraska has consistently recorded one of the lowest unemployment rates during the pandemic. How would you continue the streak as governor?

I aim to support our local businesses and invest in our infrastructure so local businesses can continue to grow and provide employment opportunities. Simultaneously, I will continue to expand the population in our state by addressing and fixing the issues which have crippled population increase and retention.

What plan do you have to make housing more affordable for Nebraskans?

I will leverage the free market and work with our local builders and municipalities to develop “right-sized” housing. I will address the core causes to the rising cost of housing, i.e., property taxes, supply limitations, unnecessary regulations, local zoning requirements, etc

How would you address concerns from business owners across the state dealing with supply chain issues and labor shortages?

As governor, I will constantly be interfacing with our fellow states to expedite and ensure Nebraska businesses are receiving the supplies they need. We must address the core issues of supply chain interruptions. One of the issues is a loss of personal liberties enforced by other states and businesses. Personal liberties must be protected, or we will continue to see disruption in our supply chain. I will also work with our federal government to keep the ports and shipping hubs open, even during a pandemic or crisis. Shutting down the economy should not be an option.

Labor shortages are being caused by a multitude of issues including: a lack of population growth in Nebraska, bad social service policies, failure to retain our population, infringement on the medical rights of employees, and parents staying home with their kids due to local schools making policies that are harmful to their children.

As governor, how would you address overcrowding within the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services?

I would work to reform our corrections system. We need to establish training and rehabilitation to get non-violent, non-reoffending criminals integrated back into society as productive citizens while keeping the dangerous criminals locked away. I also support the death penalty.

Do you believe Nebraska’s elections are free, fair and secure?

It has been proven that there are multiple vulnerabilities in our local election system. Identifying and fixing all these vulnerabilities is a critical priority for me. Nebraskans are losing faith in our election system, for good reason, and we need to ensure that integrity is maintained for all political parties.