Curtis Huffman
Curtis Huffman(Curtis Huffman)

Curtis D. Huffman

Candidate for Nebraska Representative in Congress, District 1


Tell us about yourself.

I was Born and raised in Papillion, NE. I Enlisted in the U. S. Air Force and spent 20 years in the Security Forces Career Field. During that time I deployed multiple times to various locations such as Iraq and Afghanistan. After I retired from the USAF, I decided to change career fields, so I went back to college and completed a Bachelors in Accounting.

Why are you running for this office?

For a while now I have felt that our elected leaders have lost touch with the majority of the people. If given the opportunity, I am looking forward to being the voice of Nebraskans.

What would be your top three priorities if elected?

1. Eliminating Fraud, Waste and Abuse of taxpayers money

2. Limited Federal Government

3. Term limits for Congress

What relevant experience would you bring to the office?

Do you want another politician or lawyer in Congress, or do you want to send an Accountant?

Nebraskans are paying more for food, gas and rent. How do you plan on addressing concerns over the rise in inflation?

We need to stop the economy destroying policies of the current Administration .

What is your message to Nebraska business owners who are dealing with supply chain issues and labor shortages?

I will support policies that remove burdensome regulations and get the Government out of the way of small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. We all need to support our local economy by buying and banking locally.

A recent Pew Research Poll found “strengthening the economy” should be the number one priority for the president and congress. How would you help make that happen?

I plan to support policies that remove unneeded regulations and get the Federal Government out of the way.

Do you believe Nebraska’s elections are free, fair and secure?


Is illegal immigration a problem? What changes to current policy would you propose?

Yes, illegal immigration is a problem. I would propose finishing the Wall on the southern border. At the same time the U.S. Congress needs to reform our immigration system to streamline the process for those waiting legally in line to become U.S. citizens.

Should any additional steps be taken by the federal government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

No, the Federal Government and Medical establishment need to get out of the way of the American people. Each person should be able to talk to their family Doctor on what would work best for themselves and their families.

Do you support President Biden’s response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine? What other measures, if any, would you propose?

President Biden’s response was too little too late. Instead of taking steps to prevent Russian aggression, this administration has been completely reactionary. The types of sanctions that have been imposed are appropriate; they were just too late to be able to prevent this invasion.