Leroy Lopez
Leroy Lopez(Leroy Lopez)

Leroy Lopez

Candidate for State Auditor

Legal Marijuana NOW

Previous related work experience/political offices held:

Newcomer to Political Office

Small Business Owner for almost a year

Graduated from Southeast Community College in Mass Media/Communications

Graduated from Peru State College in Business Management

Managed Retail, Restaurant and Service Industry Businesses nearly 20 years

Why are you running for office?

I am running for State Auditor as part of the “We the People” movement. It is not what political power holds power, but that the power lies in “We the People” and not in lobbyists, corporations, PACs, NGOs, and special interests. Nebraskans want real people who will speak truth, righteousness, and who want to serve their state, not their own personal ambitions.

What will be your top issue to tackle if elected?

I want full financial transparency and accountability from all the departments of the state. I will conduct investigations into PPP loans and other funds involved with Non-Government Organizations. I will work to find discrepancies and end unjustified payouts. As State Auditor, I want to put literal money back into the pockets of the taxpayer. I am willing to work with the governor, legislators, and heads of the different state entities to serve the people better. I have no loyalty to either major party, just loyal to my state and consider myself a Nebraskan first.