Pat Condon
Pat Condon(Pat Condon)

Pat Condon

Candidate for Lancaster County Attorney, Incumbent


Previous related work experience/political offices held:

I have been a prosecutor for the past 33 + years. 32 in the Lancaster County Attorney’s office. 2010 to 2017 as Chief Deputy and was appointed Lancaster County Attorney in 2017 and elected Lancaster County Attorney in 2018.

Why are you running for office?

I am a Prosecutor of 33 + years, not a Politician. I have successfully tried many criminal cases over the years and for the past five years I have led the Lancaster Attorney’s Office and its 39 Attorneys through the protest of 2020, where we have prosecuted people involved in burning business and assaulting officers. I will continue to work to keep Lancaster County a safe place to work and live.

What will be your top issue to tackle if elected?

My top issue is maintaining the safety of the people of Lancaster County