Scott Zimmerman
Scott Zimmerman(Scott Zimmerman)

Scott Zimmerman

Candidate for Governor


Tell us about yourself.

I am a Master Certified Educator, husband, father and grandfather. I am a 6th Generation Nebraskan who will be laid to rest in the same cemetery as my Nebraska ancestors. I have a vested interest in Nebraska and a strong desire to see Nebraska emerge as a leader in our Nation. I am a true servant leader. I build coalitions to accomplish tasks and believe that state leadership must make serving the people their only priority.

Why are you running for this office?

I believe that Nebraska deserves better! I became frustrated by the political climate and politics as usual to the point that I had to do something. I want Nebraska to be a place my children never feel as if they need to leave in order to live their lives.

What would be your top priority if elected?

My top priority would be to revitalize education in the state of Nebraska. We need to focus on allowing teachers to teach and making it easier to grow in that responsibility. The Public education sector is doing the absolute best it can, with the resources and constraints they are provided. The way our children learn and develop has changed dynamically in the last ten years and it is time for us to change the way we expect them to learn. I will work to bring Nebraska to the forefront of education in our Nation.

What relevant experience would you bring to the office?

With over 2 decades of Leadership experience, I excel at building highly effective teams and at retaining talented individuals. I put the right people in the right places at the right time to do the best job that can be done. As a Libertarian candidate, I am able to serve the people of our state, in all decisions, and will always hold the needs of Nebraskans first.

Do you support tax relief for Nebraskans? If so, what type and how would you make it happen?

Tax relief is on top of my list of priorities in Nebraska. We really have an over dependence on Government funded resources. There are many opportunities for us to utilize funds to re-invest in our economy and build our communities out of this dependency. By reducing the size and scope of these Government funded resources, I will be able to begin with ending property tax burdens to those Nebrakans which own their property, free and clear, without liens or subsidies, and are of retirement age. I will then eliminate income tax withholding from those workers who are under 18 years of age.

Nebraska has consistently recorded one of the lowest unemployment rates during the pandemic. How would you continue the streak as governor?

Nebraskans need to work. As governor of Nebraska, I will advocate diligently, to expand private post-secondary opportunities in Nebraska. I will focus on bringing Trade schools, focused on high demand fields, to help retain and attract future residents in Nebraska. With our Nebraska reputation of a strong work ethic and access to highly qualified professionals, I will focus on getting small businesses up and operational and I will work to eliminate any government regulations which might interfere with the expansion within our communities!

What plan do you have to make housing more affordable for Nebraskans?

Ultimately, we need to reduce the property tax burden on our land and property owners. I would propose eliminating the market value tax evaluations and replacing them with an incremental increase, dependent on your Deed or lien holders interest in the property. Properties for profit, would also be subjected to the same incremental increase, dependent on revenue generated.

How would you address concerns from business owners across the state dealing with supply chain issues and labor shortages?

I would focus on deregulating and getting government involvement out of the way of progress. With a focus on educating and retaining talent in Nebraska, we can get Nebraska working again!

As governor, how would you address overcrowding within the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services?

Incarceration in our state prisons should be a last resort and reserved for violent offenders and individuals who are a true threat to our safety and security. I will work to reduce the burden on this system by revising or eliminating prison terms for offenders of victimless crimes, which are the majority in the system today. I will divert resources into rehabilitation and mental health programs in order to support these individuals’ transition to becoming better citizens of Nebraska. The Judicial system must be non-political and I will work to ensure equality before the law is the top priority in our Judicial system.

Do you believe Nebraska’s elections are free, fair and secure?

Personally, I have never had a concern about voting in Nebraska. Recently, this has become a main topic. I have listened to individuals on both sides and there are very valid points from each. When election integrity is of concern, the Election commissioners in each county should be held to the highest standards and be subjected to audits and validations. These individuals have a responsibility to serve their communities and take an oath to protect our constitutional rights. Voting is an essential component of that protection.